Founder's Message
I feel extremely happy and elated at the beginning of the year with a heart brimming with emotions. My every breath promises a significant moment for my school. Every second of my life is committed to the progress of my school with an unsaid, hidden promise to make every student a worthy citizen of the society. Here I recall Swami Vivekanand's incomparable words.
"We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded any by which one can stand on one' feet".
Keeping these lines in mind we are striving hard to educate our students by making them disciplined and well educated.
The SLF is undoubtedly reaching to the pinnacle of glory but it is just a humble beginning. We have yet to cover a long journey because I feel success is a journey not destination. We are ready to face all the challenges without promising skies always blue, roses always red, sun without rain, joy without sorrow and peace without pain but God has promised us the strength for the day and light for the way.
I would like to conclude by saying "Everything was once a helpless body, every tall tree was once a sapling, every mighty ocean once a ripple and every great structure once a blue print. It's not where we are today but where we are going that counts."